The Sixty-nine Post Stations of the Kisokaid˘ Road,

Part II



Station: Yawata (八幡)

Number on print: 25

Main scene: ďmi no Kot˘da and Yawata Sabur˘ in hunting dress observing the standards of a body of troops moving through a gorge below them

Insert: rice paddies and a mountain in the mist

Publisher: Hayashi-ya Sh˘gor˘

Robinson: S74.26


Station: Mochizuki (望月)

Number on print: 26

Main scene: Kaid˘maru (Kintoki), attended by a monkey and a white hare, capturing a small tengu

Insert: wooded hill and mountainside

Publisher: Hayashi-ya Sh˘gor˘

Robinson: S74.27


NOTE: Tengu are forest-dwelling creatures that are either human-like with wings and long noses or bird-like.


Station: Ashida (芦田)

Number on print: 27

Main scene: The witch Nyogetsu-ni followed by Arai Maru

Insert: village among mountains

Publisher: Sumiyoshi-ya Masagor˘

Robinson: S74.28


Station: Nagakubo (長窪)

Number on print: 28

Main scene: Kichiz˘ seated on a bench, looks over his right shoulder at O-Shichi who holds a framed calligraphy (sh˘chikubai) signed by herself

Insert: rice paddies, a teahouse and distant hills

Publisher: Tsuji-ya Yasubei

Robinson: S74.29


Station: Wada (和田)

Number on print: 29

Main scene: Wada Hy˘e in court dress on a bridge defying four musketeers

Insert: rice paddies and a village among hills

Publisher: Sumiyoshi-ya Masagor˘

Robinson: S74.30


Station: Shimo no Suwa (下諏訪)

Number on print: 30

Main scene: Yaegaki-hime dancing with the sacred helmet of Shingen which is revered by the Takeda Clan

Insert: a waterfall

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘

Robinson: S74.31


Station: Shiojiri (塩尻)

Number on print: 31

Main scene: Takagi Toranosuke with his wife and children looking out over the sea with a half submerged whale

Insert: road among pine trees leading towards a mountain

Publisher: Izutsu-ya Sh˘kichi

Robinson: S74.32


Station: Seba (洗馬)

Number on print: 32

Main scene: Musashi-b˘ Benkei, having captured Tosa-b˘ Sh˘shun in the night-attack on the Horikawa Palace, carries off his captive on horseback

Insert: wooded hills and a band of mist

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘

Robinson: S74.33


Station: Motoyama (本山)

Number on print: 33

Main scene: Young court dancer as a Yama-uba (mountain genii) descending on a cloud

Insert: village under a hill with a band of mist

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘

Robinson: S74.34


Station: Niekawa (贄川)

Number on print: 34

Main scene: Takeshiuchi-no-sukune defeating his treacherous brother Amamiuchi-no-sukune in the ordeal of boiling water

Insert: three travelers approaching a bridge with a river and mountain behind

Publisher: Kaga-ya Yasubei

Robinson: S74.35


Station: Narai (奈良井)

Number on print: 35

Main scene: Zenkichi taking leave of O-Roku

Insert: hilly landscape with golden mist

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

Robinson: S74.36



Station: Yabuhara

Number on print: 36

Main scene: Sue Harukata armored and mounted cuts through a bamboo spear at the battle of Itsukushima in 1555

Insert: landscape with travelers, hills and a distant village

Publisher: Sumiyoshi-ya Masagor˘

Robinson: S74.37


Station: Miyanokoshi

Number on print: 37

Main scene: Prince ďto-no-miya, with an acolyte, reading scriptures while his murderer, Fuchibe Yoshihiro, approaches

Insert: pine tree in the mountains

Publisher: Sumiyoshi-ya Masagor˘

Robinson: S74.38


Station: Fukushima (福島)

Number on print: 37 (it should be 38)

Main scene: Urashima Tar˘ on the shore under a pine tree with a tortoise, from whose mouth issues a vision of Mount H˘rai (Mountain of Immortality)

Insert: road descending between steep wooded hills

Publisher: Izutsu-ya Sh˘kichi

Robinson: S74.39


Station: Agematsu (read Uematsu [上松] on the print)

Number on print: 39

Main scene: Yoshitsune's retainer Eda Genz˘ in a pine tree near the Hokikawa Palace watching for the approach of Sh˘shunĺs men

Insert: hilly landscape with village

Publisher: Takada-ya Takejir˘

Robinson: S74.40


Station: Suwara (須原)

Number on print: 40á

Main scene: poet Ariwara no

Narihira eloping with Nij˘-no-tsubone pursued by men with torches

Insert: a mountain pass

Publisher: Kadzusa-ya Iwaz˘

Robinson: S74.41


Station: Nojiri (野尻)

Number on print: 41

Main scene: Hirai Yasumasa playing the flute as Hakamadare Yasusuke approaches with a drawn sword

Insert: mountainous road

Publisher: Izutsu-ya Sh˘kichi

Robinson: S74.42


Station: Mitono (三留野, read as Midono on the print)

Number on print: 42

Main scene: Mitono Kotar˘ fighting off three ruffians on a ruined temple veranda

Insert: village among rice paddies and pine trees

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

Robinson: S74.43


Station: Tsumago (read as

Tsumagome [妻籠] on the print)

Number on print: 43

Main scene: Abe no Yasuna finding his child with an apparition of its mother, the fox-woman Kuzunoha

Insert: rooftops on a wooded hillside with a mountain behind

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

Robinson: S74.44


Station: Magome (馬籠)

Number on print: 45 (it should be 44)

Main scene: a bearer displaying a universal sign of disrespect to Takebayashi Sadashichi

Insert: hilly road with a band of pink mist

Publisher: Sumiyoshi-ya Masagor˘

Robinson: S74.45


Station: Ochiai (落合)

Number on print: 44 (it should be 45)

Main scene: Kume Sennin falls into the water while staring at a bare bosomed washerwoman

Insert: road descending to a village through wooded hills

Publisher: Sumiyoshi-ya Masagor˘

Robinson: S74.46


Station: Nakatsugawa (中津川)

Number on print: 46

Main scene: Horibe Yasubeiĺs aunt and her daughter in a grove of pine-trees watching him revenge his uncleĺs murder

Insert: travelers on a plain among mountains

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘

Robinson: S74.47


Station: ďi (大井)

Number on print: 47

Main scene: robber Ono Sadakur˘ calling Yoichibei (a scene from Act V of the kabuki play ĹKanadehon chűshinguraĺ)

Insert: traveler leading a horse in front of a teahouse

Publisher: Kaga-ya Yasubei

Robinson: S74.48


Station: ďkute (大久手)

Number on print: 48

Main scene: a young woman grappling with the Hag of the Lonely House at Adachi-ga-hara with a vision of the goddess Kannon protecting the former

Insert: wide road at sunset leading towards a mountain

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘

Robinson: S74.49


Station: Hosokute (細久手)

Number on print: 49

Main scene: Horikoshi Dairei drawing his sword against the ghost of Asakura T˘go in a scene from the kabuki play ĹHigashiyama Sakura s˘shiĺ

Insert: road through a group of pine trees

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘

Robinson: S74.50


ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.