Shikid˘ 18 kaj˘

(色道十八過剰, Eighteen Excesses of Sexual Passion)



Shikid˘ 18 kaj˘ or Shikido juhachij˘ is a three-volume shunga series that has been attributed to several different artists, including Kuniyoshi.á Japanese Erotic Art by Ofer Shagan (Thames and Hudson Ltd, 2013) attributes series to Utagawa Kunimaru.á Each page is approximately 8 3/4 by 6 1/3 inches or 22 by 16 cm, a size known as hanshi-bon.


Mutual oral sex

Threesome with man and lesbian couple

Couple with cat sliding down blanket

Man is having anal sex with open shunga book

Sweaty man with courtesan

Couple making love after dinner with cat watching

Feet fight with Otafuku doll

Naked woman is sitting on the lap of her male lover with a sleeping cat

Man stimulating womanĺs private parts with numerous tissues surrounding them

Man preparing his tobacco pipe

Sex with a pregnant lady

Sex after supper

Inside of a brothel

The full four-page fold-out image from which the previous brothel scene was taken

Silhouette of a courtesan visible through the translucent paper of a wooden door (shoji)

View through an open window

Bamboo in moonlight

Plum branch with blossoms