Stories of A Hundred Heroes of High Renown, Part I

(Meik˘ hyaku yű den, 名高百勇伝)

Publisher: Izumi-ya Ichibei



The prints in this series are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ˘ban.


Scene: Mukwan-no-tayű Atsumori in armor playing a flute

Robinson: S31.1



Scene: Musashi-b˘ Benkei (武蔵坊辨慶) seated, wearing court robes over armor, having just written inscription dated 1184 on notice board

Robinson: S31.2


Image courtesy of Pierre Wijermans


Scene: Empress Jing˘ K˘g˘ (神功后皇) robed and seated on a rock with two jewels in a bowl on the rockĺs summit

Robinson: S31.3


Scene: Kadzusa no Shichiby˘e Kagekiyo (上総七兵衛景清) wielding a broken beam as he resists arrest

Robinson: S31.4


Another state of the above design


Scene: Kajiwara Kagesue (梶原景季) seated looking at a notebook with brush in hand and his armor standing behind

Robinson: S31.5


Scene: Uesugi Kenshin seated on a stool in armor holding a generalĺs baton (sahai)

Robinson: S31.6


Scene: Sakata no Kintoki (坂田金時) breaking two millstones with his bare hands

Robinson: S31.7


Scene: Taira no Kiyomori (平清盛) in later life seated on a mat with a potted tree beside him

Robinson: S31.8


Scene: Suruga Jir˘ Kiyoshige in armor with a huge anchor

Robinson: S31.9


Scene: Kusunoki Masashige (楠正成) in court robes seated beside a celestial globe

Robinson: S31.10


Scene: Kamei Rokur˘ Shigekiyo in armor on one knee examining his sword with arrows on the ground

Robinson: S31.11


Image courtesy of Marie de Strycker



Scene: Taira no Shigemori (平重盛) standing in cap and full court robes

Robinson: S31.12


Scene: Hatakeyama Shigetada (畠山重忠) seated on a chest, a notebook on his knee and a brush in his hand, in full armor with a helmet-crest of rabbitĺs ears

Robinson: S31.13


Scene: Takeda Shingen (武田信玄) seated on stool in full armor with prayer beads and a war-fan

Robinson: S31.14


Scene: Sat˘ Tadanobu

(佐藤忠信) in armor on one knee putting on a greave (shin armor) with his helmet beside him

Robinson: S31.15


Scene: Sasaki Takatsuna (佐々木高綱) wearing court dress over amour, holding a closed fan before him

Robinson: S31.16


Scene: Takechi-no-sukune (武内宿禰) as old man in court robes and Chinese collar seat on fur rug, his war-fan on a stand beside him

Robinson: S31.17


Another state of the above design


Scene: Kataoka Hachir˘ Tameharu with a straw coat over his armor holding his sword and a weighted chain

Robinson: S31.18



Scene: Chinzei Hachir˘ Tametomo (鎮西八郎為朝) with a huge rough bow, seated on a rock and shading his eyes

Robinson: S31.19


Another state of the above design


Scene: Soga Gor˘ Tokimune feet planted wide apart, glares ahead while grasping a very long sheathed sword

Robinson: S31.20


A later and greatly simplified printing of the above design

ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.