Suikoden of Japanese Heroes

(Eiyû Yamato Suikoden, 英雄日本水滸伝)

Publisher: Kujioka-ya Keijirô

c. 1843


The prints in this series are each about 10 by 7 inches (25 by 18 centimeters), a size known as chûban.



Scene: [Uesugi] Kenshin (越後謙信) of Echigo standing in armor and holding a general’s baton (saihai)

Robinson: S24.1



Scene: Endô Musha Moritô (遠藤武者盛遠) on the roof with a drawn sword looking at the severed head of Kesa-gozen

Robinson: S24.2


Scene: Ogata Shuma (尾形周作) (later Jiraiya) raising his sword to kill a python attacking a large toad

Robinson: S24.3






Scene: Ômori Hikoshichi (大森彦七) carrying the demon-woman and drawing his dirk as he sees her shadow below

Robinson: S24.4



Scene: O-Kane (Kane-jo, 近江の阿兼), A strong woman from Ômi Province holding the runaway temple horse under control

Robinson: S24.5



Scene: [Takeda] Shingen (甲斐信玄) of Kai seated, armored and robed, holding out his hand in a Buddhist gesture

Robinson: S24.6



Scene: Takagi Oriemon (高木折右衛門) carrying a huge bell and seizing a man by the collar

Robinson: S24.7



Scene: Hakamadare no Yasusuke (袴垂保輔) standing in rising waves making a magical gesture with his hands

Robinson: S24.8


Scene: Tawara Tôda Hidesato (田原藤太秀郷) in court robes grasping his bow, and defying a monstrous serpent on Seta bridge

Robinson: S24.9



Scene: Kashiwade no Hadesu (柏手婆提蘓) wearing the mon of Katô Kiyomasa and fighting the Korean tiger that had devoured the former’s daughter

Robinson: S24.10


Scene: Masaki Daizen (正木大膳) stemming a flood single-handedly

Robinson: S24.11



Scene: Miyamoto Musashi (宮本無三四) overcoming a “mountain shark” (yamazame) where the provinces of Echizen, Mino and Hida meet

Robinson: S24.12



I am grateful to Ward Pieters for locating this alternate state of the above design


No image available


Scene: Oki Jirozaemon-no- Hiroari subduing a monstrous bird that haunted the Imperial Palace

Robinson: S24.13



No image available


Scene: The murder of Prince Ôto-no-miya (Morinaga Shinno) by Fuchibe Yoshihiro in 1335

Robinson: S24.14



Scene: Prince RokusonTsunemoto-kô (六孫王経基公) overcoming a giant stag in the palace precincts

Robinson: S24.15



Scene: Satô Tadanobu (佐藤 忠信) with one foot on a go board is preparing to resist arrest

Robinson: S24.16



Scene: Shizuka-gozen (静御前) on the balcony of the Horikawa Palace armed with a naginata and observing the approach of Tosa-bô Shôshun and his men

Robinson: S24.17


I am grateful to Robert Pryor for this image.



Scene: Soga no Gorô Tokimune (曾我五郎時致) with his foot on a fallen opponent is about to be tripped up by Gorô-maru who is sneaking up behind him

Robinson: S24.18



Scene: The female warrior Tomoe-gozen (鞆絵御前) at the Battle of Awadzuga-hara

Robinson: S24.19


I am grateful to Robert Pryor for this image.



Scene: Washinowo Saburô (鷲尾三郎, Washio Saburô) killing a huge wild boar with his bare hands

Robinson: unlisted



“Robinson” refers to listing of the series in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).