The 108 Heroes of the Suikoden

(Suikoden g˘ketsu hyaku-hachi-nin, 水滸傳濠傑百八人)

Published by Kaga-ya Kichiyemon in 1830 and republished by Iba-ya Sensabur˘ in 1845


This series of prints is based on stories from the semi-historical Chinese novel, Suikoden (Shuihu zhuan in Chinese).á It tells of the adventures of a band of 108 rebels who sought refuge in the margins of Liangshan Marsh.á These rebel warriors sought to protect the poor and downtrodden, very much like Robin Hoodĺs band.á The prints in this series are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ˘ban.

Clockwise from the top: Koh˘gi S˘k˘ holding a scroll; Chitasei Goy˘ seated with folded hands; S˘s˘sh˘ T˘hei with a spear, grimacing; Dait˘ Kwansh˘ with a large glaive; Kokusempű Riki with two axes; Botsuusen Ch˘sei with a bag of stones; S˘bensh˘ Koyenshaku with a ribbed staff; Hekirekkwa Shimmei with a spiked mace; and Hy˘shit˘ Rinchű seated with a closed fan

Robinson: S3.1


This print is from the edition republished by Iba-ya Sensabur˘ in 1845.á Note the different publisherĺs seal in the right lower corner.

Clockwise from the top: Shinkigunshi Shubu seated with a feather fan; Ch˘kanko Chintatsu seated grasping his sword; Kimm˘ko Yenjun seated with a spiked mace; Waikyakko ďyei with hand on hip; Ichij˘sei Kosanj˘ (woman) with a glaive; Hakumenr˘kun Teitenju with an iron club; Dakosh˘ Richű seated with a pole; Sh˘ha˘ Shűtsű with a spray of leaves; and Hakkwaja Y˘shun seated with a spear

Robinson: S3.2


Another state of the above print also published by Kaga-ya Kichiyemon

Clockwise from the top: Seibokkan Kakushibun with a barbed ring pole-arm; Shűgumba Sensan with a fancifully headed mace; Dokkwasei K˘ry˘ breathing on the blade of a knife; Shutsud˘k˘ D˘i drawing his sword; H˘tenrai Ry˘shin with a large gun; Honk˘shin D˘m˘ stooping; Koj˘s˘ Jisen with a large bell; M˘t˘sei K˘mei seated clasping his knees; and Hei-ichi (By˘-utsuchi) Sonryű with a scythe-like weapon.

Robinson: S3.3


Another state of the above print also published by Kaga-ya Kichiyemon


A version of the above print published in 1845 by Iba-ya Sensabur˘

Clockwise from the top: Chinsanzan K˘shin with a big mallet; Kingampy˘ Shion holding his sword in both hands; Sekish˘gun Sekiyű with clenched fists; Heidaichű (By˘taichű) Setsuyei seated with a pole and a yellow cylinder; Kend˘jin Ikuh˘shi with bared chest and right arm; Sh˘sharan Bokushun examining a sword; Dokkakury˘ Sűjun with a cloth bag; Shutsurinry˘ Sűyen pointing at his sword; and S˘monjin H˘kyoku putting on his topcoat

Robinson: S3.4


Another state of the above print also published by Kaga-ya Kichiyemon

Clockwise from the top: Sh˘sempű Saishin seated with an iron club; Seimenjű Y˘shi testing the edge of his sword; S˘shiko Rai˘, brown-skinned, holding his sword; Kyumonry˘ Shishin half-naked and tattooed; Kwaosh˘ Rochishin, brown-skinned, with a long iron club; S˘bikatsu Gaih˘ with a dead hare on a bamboo pole; Shingy˘taih˘ Tais˘ resting his chin on his stick; Ry˘t˘da Gaichin (Ry˘t˘ja Kaichin) adjusting his leggings; and Bizenk˘ Shut˘ seated in contemplation

Robinson: S3.5


This print is from the edition republished by Iba-ya Sensabur˘ in 1845.á Note the absence of the publisherĺs seal of Kaga-ya Kichiyemon on the right edge above the artistĺs signature.

Clockwise from the top: Kins˘shu Jonei with a pole and a sickle-like weapon; Sh˘rik˘ Kwayei with bow and arrows; Senkwaji Ch˘-˘ wiping his sword; Ryűchitaisai Gensh˘ji with a net and shuttle; R˘rihakuch˘ Ch˘jun half-naked and tattooed; Kwatsuyenra Gensh˘shichi with a basket of fish; Tammeijir˘ Gensh˘go, half-naked and tattooed, twisting a thread round his toe; Kong˘ry˘ Rishun holding a helmet and sword; and Bokutench˘ Ri˘ with his hand to his sword-hilt

Robinson: S3.6


This is another state of the above print; however, both were published by Kaga-ya Kichiyemon.

Clockwise from the top: Kwach˘ko Ky˘-˘ with a spear of curious design; Chűsenko Teitokuson with a long spear and fur-trimmed hat; Tessenshi S˘sei with clasped hands and a bow; Sh˘menko Shubu smiling and holding up his hands; Kyűbiki Tos˘-˘ examining his sword; Mochakuten Tosen, in profile, with a spear; Botsumemmoku Sh˘tei, half-naked, feeling his shoulder; Unrikong˘ S˘man testing an arrow; and Shinsanshi Sh˘kei in a tigerĺs head helmet with a curly-headed spear

Robinson: S3.7


This print is from the edition republished by Iba-ya Sensabur˘ in 1845.á Note Sensabur˘ĺs seal on the right edge near the bottom.

Clockwise from the top: Gyokkirin Roshungi seated with an axe; Ju-unry˘ K˘sonsh˘, an old man with a small dragon; Kyűsemp˘ Sakuch˘ in a spiked breastplate; Shameisanr˘ Sekishű in black with a gong-stick; Gy˘ja Bush˘ seated with a large pearl necklace; By˘kwansaku Y˘yű seated with a pole; Botsusharan Bokk˘ with folded arms and a red wig; Sekihakki Ryűt˘ with right shoulder and chest bare; and R˘shi Ensei, half-naked and tattooed, with a pole surmounted by a ball

Robinson: S3.8

Clockwise from the top: Seisuish˘ Tanteikei in a spotted coat with frilled collar; Shinkwash˘ Giteikoku adjusting his sleeve; Hyakush˘sh˘ Kant˘ seated in full armor; Tekky˘shi Rakkwa standing in full armor; Kimpy˘shi Y˘rin seated, shouting; Kimm˘ken Dankeijű holding a coiled cord; Kwaganshunkei T˘hi seated with his hand to the back of his head; Temmokush˘ H˘ki seated, resting his chin on his fan; and Maunkinshi ďb˘ in a black helmet with half-mask

Robinson: S3.9

Clockwise from the top: Konseima˘ Hanzui with magically clasped hands emitting lightning; Hitendaisei Rikon leaning on the shaft of his weapon; Tettekisen Barin seated in armor; Sh˘-onk˘ Ryoh˘ seated, with a spear; Hakujisso Hakush˘ bending a bamboo for a bow; Saijinki Kwakusei with a spear and weighted cord; Tetsubihaku Saifuku seated, with a curved bamboo; Itsushikwa Saikei seated, three-quarter back view; and Hatsubinada K˘jű, half-naked, holding up a sword

Robinson: S3.10

Clockwise from the top: Tetsumenk˘moku Haisen with a scroll; Shini Andozen, an old man with a staff; Gyokuhisho Kindaiken wearing spectacles; Seigank˘ Riun feeling the edge of his sword; Kinsempyoshi Toryu, half-naked, with a long hammer; S˘t˘ki S˘sei scaling a fish; Shisempaku K˘hotan seated in contemplation; Tsűbiyen K˘ken pointing upwards; and Seishushosei Sh˘j˘ seated with hands clasped around his knees

Robinson: S3.11

Clockwise from the top: Kanchikotsuritsu Shuki testing a bow; Sh˘-utsuchi Sonshin seated in helmet and striped armor; Bodaichű Kodais˘ (woman) holding up a lantern; Saimeihangwan Riryű in armor expounding from a book; Gyokubankan M˘k˘, left arm and shoulder bare, in a horned helmet; Kwakuzemba ďteiroku with a straw-wrapped fish; Kigenji Tok˘ with a trident; Boyasha Sonjir˘ (woman) feeling the edge of her sword; and Saiyenshi Ch˘sei in a helmet covered with spikes

Robinson: S3.12


Another state of the above print

ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.