The Tennô Festival

(Tennô matsuri, 天王祭禮)

Publisher: Tsujioka-ya Bunsuke



The Tennô Festival is a Shinto celebration held every July to honor the deity Gozutennô.  The highlight of the two-day event is the floating of boats decorated with paper lanterns.  This series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).  The prints are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ôban.



Print title: The Tennô Festival in Ôdenma-chô (Ôdenma-chô Tennô matsuri, 大傳馬町天王祭禮)


I am grateful to Marie de Strycker-Steinmetz for this image



Print title: The Kobuna-chô Tennô Festival (Kobuna-chô Tennô matsuri, 小舟町天王祭禮)


Print title: The Minami-Denma Tennô Festival (Minami-Denma Tennô matsuri, 南傳馬町天王祭禮)


I am grateful to Robert Pryor for this image.





This 1867 print is by Hiroshige II.  It is titled Tenmachô Tennô Festival (Tenmachô Tennô matsuri, 南傳馬町天王御祭禮)


NOTE: The artist who is best known as Hiroshige II signed this print “Shigenobu”.





This 1853 print by Hiroshige I shows the floating boats of the Tennô Festival.  It is from the series Pictures of Famous Places in the Sixty Odd Provinces (Rokujûyoshû Meisho Zue) and is titled Owari Province, Tsushima, Tennô Festival (Owari Tsushima Tennô Matsuri).