Ukiyo-e Comparisons of the Cloudy Chapters of Genji,

Part II





Chapter number: 21

Chapter name: Otome (乙女, The Maiden)

Scene: O-Schichi reclining under the eaves of a temple in the attitude of a tennin (Buddhist angle)

Robinson: S45.21




Chapter number: 22

Chapter name: Tamakazura (玉鬘, Jewel Garland)

Scene: The diving girl Tamatori grasping the sacred jewel and brandishing a dirk while being attacked by an octopus.  In the background, there is a mirage of Hôrai, which is like Shangri-La and is the home of the Dragon King.

Robinson: S45.22




Chapter number: 23

Chapter name: Hatsune (胡蝶, First Warbler)

Scene: Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as Hatsune Satô Tadanobu wiping off his sword behind his back

Robinson: S45.23




Chapter number: 24

Chapter name: Kochô (胡蝶, Butterflies)

Scene: Actor Ichimura Uzaemon XII as Abe Yasuna in court robes waving his fan at two fluttering butterflies in a scene from the kabuki play Kwaikei Shinoda

Robinson: S45.24




Chapter number: 25

Chapter name: Hotaru (, Fireflies)

Scene: Tamiya Iemon with his servant Akiyama Chôbei and the ghost of his murdered wife O-Iwa

Robinson: S45.25




Chapter number: 26

Chapter name: Tokonatsu (常夏, Wild Carnations)

Scene: Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as the heroic fishmonger Danshichi Kurobei immobilizing Ôtori Sagaemon in the kabuki play Natsu matsuri

Robinson: S45.26




Chapter number: 27

Chapter name: Kagaribi (篝火, Flares)

Scene: Actor Bandô Shuka as the nun Seigen-ni in a boat in a scene from the kabuki play Onoe Iwafuji

Robinson: S45.27




Chapter number: 28

Chapter name: Nowaki (野分, Typhoon)

Scene: Poet Ariwara no Narihara eloping with the Lady Takako-hime at night on Musashi Moor

Robinson: S45.28


This is another state of the above print (note the sky, pants and sash).




Chapter number: 29

Chapter name: Miyuki (御幸, Royal Outing)

Scene: O-Yasu shaking petals from a sprig of blossom plum into a small bowl

Robinson: S45.29




Chapter number: 30

Chapter name: Fujibakama (藤袴, Purple Trousers)

Scene: Actor Sawamura Sôjurô V as Lady Iwafuji by a garden fence accompanied by a servant in a scene from the kabuki play Onoe Iwafuji

Robinson: S45.30


Another state of the above design with a green ground and elimination of the white flowers in the background




Chapter number: 31

Chapter name:  Maki-bashira (真木柱, Cypress Pillar)

Scene: Kurô Hangwan Yoshitsune clinging to a pillar on the balcony of the Horikawa palace, watching Tosa-bô Shôshun and his men approach

Robinson: S45.31




Chapter number: 32

Chapter name: Umegae (梅枝, Plum Branch)

Scene: Hayakawa Takakage in court robes holding a sprig of flowering plum blossoms with Yadahei crouching before him

Robinson: S45.32


This is not another state, but a badly faded print.  Most of the colors are paler, and the purple has completely disappeared.




Chapter number: 33

Chapter name: Fuji no uraba (藤裏葉, Wisteria Leaves)

Scene: Izutsu-ya Dembei at night outside a Yoshiwara brothel with a woman silhouetted in the window and people passing below in a scene from the kabuki play Hanakawado with actor Onoe Kikugorô III as Dembei

Robinson: S45.33




Chapter number: 34

Chapter name: Wakana no jô (若菜上, New Herbs, Part I)

Scene: Soga Jurô Sukenari standing behind a seated actor in full stage makeup as Kobayashi Asahina

Robinson: S45.34




Chapter number: 35

Chapter name: Wakana no ge (若菜下, New Herbs, Part II)

Scene: Yae, the wife of Sakura Maru, holding a truncheon under a blossoming cherry tree in a scene from the kabuki play Sugawara

Robinson: S45.35




Chapter number: 36

Chapter name: Kashiwagi (柏木, Oak Tree)

Scene: Sankatsu with broom and duster looking backward at the very young O-Tsû who is playing the samisen

Robinson: S45.36




Chapter number: 37

Chapter name: Yokobue (横笛, The Flute)

Scene: Actor Ichikawa Danjûrô VII as Tombei the ferryman glaring down at his pleading daughter O-Fune kneeling before him in a scene from the kabuki play Yaguchi no watashi

Robinson: S45.37




Chapter number: 38

Chapter name: Suzumushi (鈴虫, Bell Cricket)

Scene: Actor Nakamura Utaemon IV as Fukuoka Mitsugi defending himself against three ruffians in the kabuki play Ise ondo

Robinson: S45.38




Chapter number: 39

Chapter name: Yûgiri (Evening Mist)

Scene: Actor Ichikawa Danjûrô VIII as wrestler Kinugawa Tanizô dealing with two assailants

Robinson: S45.39


Another state of the above design




Chapter number: 40

Chapter name: Minori (御法, The Rites)

Scene: Taira no Tomomori with anchor at the Battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185

Robinson: S45.40

“Robinson” refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.