Untitled series of double actor portraits in books folded open



This series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).á The prints are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ˘ban.á They bear no publisherĺs seal, but do have the seal of the carver Yokogawa Takejir˘, which reads ôYokogawa hori Takeö (横彫竹).á




Actors: Ichikawa Danjűr˘ VIII as the tobacco seller (tabakoya) Genshichi (烟草屋源七, actually Sakata Kurando) and Ichimura Uzaemon XII as Yaegiri (八重桐)

Play: Eiri shosetsu Asagao monogatari

Theater: Ichimura

Date: 8th month of 1848 (censors Muramatsu and Yoshimura)



Kuniyoshi - (series b)  100-6768


Actors: Iwai Kumesabűr˘ III as Inami Kazuma (いなみかづま) and Nakamura Utaemon IV as ďtaka Tonomo (をほたかとのも)

Play: Takagi Oriemon bud˘ jitsuroku (高木織右武実録)

Theater: Nakamura

Date: 8th month of 1848


Kuniyoshi - (series b)   100-6215


Actors: Sawamura S˘jűr˘ V as Gofukuya Jűbei (呉ふくやちうべい) and Onoe Baik˘ IV as Heisakuĺs daughter (musume) Oyone (平さくむすめをよね)

Play: Igagoe Yomikiri k˘shaku (伊賀越読切講訳)

Theater: Kawarazaki

Date: 9th month of 1848



Kuniyoshi - (series b) couple with eel


Actors: Nakamura Utaemon IV as Ukiyo Matahei (うけ世又平, founder of the Ukiyo-e school) with an eel and his wife Otoku (女房お徳, Onoe Kikujir˘ II)

Play: Keisei Hangonk˘ (けいせい反魂香)

Theater: Nakamura

Date: 10th month of 1848


NOTE: Matahei is a painter who wants to receive the title ôTosaö from his master, Tosa Sh˘gen.á There is a scene in the play in which Matahei carries a package containing cooked eels, a delicacy in Japan, to give to his master.