Ten Brave Retainers of Oguri, One by One

(Oguri jû-yûshi no ichi-nin, 小栗十勇士の一人)

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujirô

c. 1843


This series of prints is based upon the legend Oguri Hangwan monogatari (The Tales of Oguri Hangwan).  In brief, Oguri Hangwan Sukeshige was rendered a cripple after being poisoned by his wicked stepmother.  He met a girl, Terute-hime, with whose help and prayer he was cured.  He became a great warrior, vanquishing the pirate Kazama Hachirô Masakuni among others.  The ten retainers referred to in the title of this series of twelve prints may be intended to exclude Oguri Hangwan and Terute-hime.  Each panel in this series is about 10 by 7 inches (25 by 18 centimeters), a size known as chûban.


Terute-hime (照天姫) seated in a wooden cart with a rope attached

Robinson: S26.2

Oguri Hangwan Sukeshige (小栗判官助重) standing with closed fan

Robinson: S26.1

Gotô Daihachirô Takatsugu (後藤大八郎高次) cooking over a fire of burning arrows

Robinson: S26.4

Gotô Hyôsuke Suketaka (後藤兵助助高) holding his horse and a naginata

Robinson: S26.3

Tanabe Heihachirô Nagatame (田邊平八郎長為) wiping his sword

Robinson: S26.6

Tanabe Heirokurô Nagahide (田邊兵六郎長秀) with three arrows in his back drinking Onikage brand sake from a casket

Robinson: S26.5

Kazama Hachirô Masakuni (風間八郎正国) shining a lantern upward

Robinson: S26.8

Mitono Kotarô Tamehisa (美登小太郎為久) shining a lantern upward

Robinson: S26.7

Kazama Jirô Masasada (風間二郎正貞) grasping his sword in both hands

Robinson: S26.10

Ike-no-shôji Sukenaga (池庄司助長) leaning on his sword

Robinson: S26.9

A less labor intensive state of the above design

Katayama Katarô Harunori (形山加太郎春教) holding his sword behind his back with both hands

Robinson: S26.12

Katayama Kajirô Harutaka (形山加次郎春高) in armor raising his hat

Robinson: S26.11


“Robinson” refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.