Kuniyoshi Project

An educational website devoted to the ukiyo-e artist, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)


This site is a catalogue raisonné of the signed artwork of Utagawa Kuniyoshi (歌川 国芳).  It contains over 5,000 images, counting multi-sheet compositions as single images.  An undertaking such as this can never be considered complete, and contributions of images and information to KuniyoshiProject@earthlink.net are always welcomed. 


Please follow these links to view Kuniyoshi’s art with descriptions:

Individual prints of warriors and historical figures

Warrior triptychs and diptychs

Acrobats, top spinners, and magicians

Actor prints

Animal and plant prints

Children Images added 12/2/18

Chûshingura prints (Forty-seven rônin)

Comic and miscellaneous prints

Fan prints


Ken (game played with the hands)

Komochi-e (trick pictures)


Paintings Fan painting added 11/24/18

Paragons of filial piety

Polyptychs of four or more sheets

Prince Genji

Religious prints

Shini-e (memorial prints)

Shunga (erotic art) Images added 11/18/18

Sumô wrestler prints Triptych added 12/7/18


Women Images added 12/2/18


Additional features and links:

Alphabetical list of Kuniyoshi’s print series

Alphabetical list of Kuniyoshi’s warrior triptychs and diptychs

Bibliography on Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Biography of Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Index of characters portrayed in Kuniyoshi’s warrior prints

Glossary of ukiyo-e terms

Guide to the ukiyo-e sites on the internet (Hans Olof Johansson’s website)

Kabuki actors’ names in English and Japanese

Kuniyoshi’s signatures

Kuniyoshi’s warrior triptychs and diptychs arranged by publishers

Links to other sites on the internet with series of Kuniyoshi’s prints

Supplement to Kuniyoshi: The Warrior Prints

Viewing Japanese Prints (John Fiorillo’s website)

Seals of Japanese print publishers

Kuniyoshi in ArtCyclopedia


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