Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Piety of Our Country

(Honch˘ nijűshi-k˘, 本朝廿四考)

Publisher: Murata-ya Tetsu



The book entitled ôThe Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Pietyö was written by the Guo Jujing during the Yuan Dynasty.á It recounts the self-sacrificing behavior of twenty-four Chinese children who improved their parentsĺ lives or peacefully honored their deceased parents.á This series of prints portrays a more warlike lot of children from Japanese history and legendľseveral free their parents from captivity or avenge their parentsĺ deaths.á The prints in this series are each about 10 by 7 inches (25 by 18 centimeters), a size known as chűban.


Title: Anju-hime and Tsushi˘ Maru (安壽姫 封王丸)

Scene: Anju-hime carrying two buckets on a pole over her shoulder accompanied by her brother, Tsushi˘ Maru who is carrying a rake and a basket of reeds

Robinson: S23.1


This state, which lacks the Toshidama seal in the right lower corner, was probably printed after 1844.á In 1844, Kunisada, a competitor of Kuniyoshi, proclaimed himself the head of the Utagawa school, and adopted the name Toyokuni, which was the name of the previous leader of the school.á Kuniyoshi responded by severing his relationship with the school and stopped using the Toshidama seal, which was the schoolʼs heraldic device.


Title: Chiyon˘-hime (チ世能姫)

Scene: Chiyon˘-hime in a wind holding a torch and a dirk about to rescue her father from imprisonment after the rebellion of Aidzu no Tar˘ Nobuchika against Yoritomo

Robinson: S23.2


Title: Chűj˘-hime (中将姫)

Scene: Chűj˘-hime walking by a lotus pond on a windy day

Robinson: S23.3


Title: Ichiman-maru (一万丸) and Hako-o-maru (箱王丸)

Scene: The young Soga brothers practice swordsmanship on a heap of snow in order to avenge their father

Robinson: S23.4


Title: Hino Kumawaka-maru (日野熊若丸)

Scene: Hino Kumawaka Maru training to avenge his father by swinging across a stream on a bamboo

Robinson: S23.5


Title: The Dutiful Girl of the Hitotsuya (Hitotsuya no Kojo, 一ツ家の孝女)

Scene: The dutiful girl of Hitotsuya saved from the hag of the lonely house by an apparition of the goddess Kannon

Robinson: S23.6


Title: Hitsu-no-Saish˘ Haruhira (弼宰相春衡)

Scene: Hitsu-no-Saish˘ Haruhira recognizes his Father who was forced to act as a lighthouse with a candle on his head

Robinson: S23.7


Title: Homma Gennai-hy˘e Suketada (本間源内兵衛資忠)

Scene: Homma Gennai-hy˘e Suketada writing his farewell poem on a torii at Shitenn˘ji with his own blood after the death of his father Sukesada

Robinson: S23.8



Title: Ima-jo of Take-no-uchi Village in Yamato (Yamato-kuni Take-no-uchi mura no Ima-jo, 大和国竹の内村今女)

Scene: The poor girl Ima-jo catching a carp to feed her parents

Robinson: S23.9


Title: Kamada Matahachi (鎌田又八)

Scene: Kamada Matahachi of Matsuzaka fighting off wolves with a huge iron bar in the Ashigara Mountains of Idzu

Robinson: S23.10


Title: Keyamura Rokusuke (毛谷村六助)

Scene: Keyamura Rokusuke spending seven days under the Hikosan Gongen Waterfall

Robinson: S23.11


Title: Kinsuke (公助)

Scene: Takenori Kinsuke seated with his bow behind him and the hat of a palace guard before him

Robinson: S23.12


Title: K˘ju Maru (幸壽丸)

Scene: K˘ju Maru seated grasping a dirk and about to perform seppuku with travelers on a mountain behind him

Robinson: S23.13


NOTE: The term ôhara-kiriö, although more common in English than ôseppukuö, is considered in Japan to be a vulgar and disrespectful description of an honorable action.


Title: Komatsu Sammi Shigemori-ky˘ (小松三位重盛卿)

Scene: Komatsu Sammi Shigemori-ky˘ as a youth

Robinson: S23.14


Title: Kuzunoki Masatsura (楠木正行)

Scene: Kusunoki Masatsura in court robes over armor beside an armillary sphere on a starry night

Robinson: S23.15


Title: Karumo, the Dutiful Daughter of Matsuyama (Matsuyama no Kojo Karumo, 松山の孝女刈摸)

Scene: Karumo looking in astonishment in a mirror on the floor in which she mistakes her own reflection for that of her dead mother

Robinson: S23.16


Title: The Dutiful Son of Mino (Mino no kuni no koshi, 美濃の国の孝子)

Scene: The dutiful youth from Mino Province carrying wood to warm his aged father

Robinson: S23.17


Title: The Dutiful Daughter Nobu (Kojo Nobu, 孝女のぶ)

Scene: Nobu with her sickle on the ground carrying a basket of rushes for her aged mother

Robinson: S23.18


Title: Sono, The Daughter of Yoshioka (Yoshioka musume Sono, 吉岡女園)

Scene: Sono dressed as a nun and carrying a shakuhachi (traditional Japanese bamboo flute) with three puppies at her feet

Robinson: S23.19


Title: Suketoki of Yamato (Yamato-kuni Suketoki, 大和国佐時)

Scene: Suketoki visiting with his dead parents who returned to him in the form of butterflies

Robinson: S23.20


Title: Su˘ no Naishi (周防の内侍)

Scene: The poetess, Su˘ no Naishi, walking on a windy night

Robinson: S23.21


Title: 摂?照田姫

Scene: Teruta-hime carrying a water bucket through the snow

Robinson: S23.22


Another state of the above print



Scene: Uneme of Atsuta, holding a gohei, exorcising the monstrous serpent of the Ashihara Lake, which disappears into the clouds in a flash of lightning

Robinson: S23.23


Title: The Dutiful Child Yoji (Koshi Yoji, 孝子与次)

Scene: Yoji working as a monkey-trainer to earn money to aid his sick mother

Robinson: S23.24


Title: Yuya (湯谷)

Scene: Yuya holding a poem-card by a blossoming cherry tree

Robinson: S23.25




Title: Zennoj˘ of Shinano (Shinano kuni no Zennoj˘, 信濃国善之丞)

Scene: Zennoj˘ with two demons and one of the judges of hell seeing a vision in a large mirror

Robinson: S23.26

ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.