Eight Selected Flowers from the Garden

(Enchû hassen ka, 園中八撰花)

Publisher: Iba-ya Sensaburô



This series of fan prints (uchiwa) is listed as number 219 in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).

Flower: Bush clover

Description: Beauty wiping her hands

Another state of the above print

This is a key block print.  It is an impression pulled from the first woodblock made by a carver from the artist’s original drawing.  The artist would write instructions for each color on a separate key block print, and the woodblock for each color was cut using one of these as a guide.  Registration marks (kento) are characteristically found on Japanese key block prints.  Kento are cut in each woodblock, so that the paper can be properly aligned on each woodblock during printing.  A kento is visible in this print’s right lower corner.  In addition to being a guide for carving the color woodblocks, the key block was also used to apply black ink (usually) in the printing process.

Flower: Pine

Description: Beauty eating

Flower: Plum (ume)

Description: Beauty holding a book

Flower: Chrysanthemums

Description: Beauty with a cat

Flower: Peonies


Flower: Pinks

Description: Beauty picking a flower

Flower: Cherry blossoms

Description: Beauty standing amidst falling cherry blossoms