A Collection of Winter Cherries

(HŰzuki zukushi, ほふづきづくし)

Publisher: Ebisu-ya Shokichi

c. 1840-1842


HŰzuki (Physalis alkekengi) is known in English as winter cherry, the Chinese lantern plant, and as the Japanese lantern plant.In this series, hŰzuki petals and leaves reenact well-known stories.The prints are of chŻban size (approximately 7 by 10 inches or 18 by 25 centimeters) and were originally printed two per sheet on Űban sized paper (approximately 14 by 10 inches or 36 by 25 centimeters).This series of prints is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).I am grateful to Robert Pryor for his contributions to this series.



Title: The mountain centipede (mukadeyama, むかでやま)

Story: The story of Hidesato, the Dragon Kingís daughter, and the monstrous centipede


Title: The eight-boat leap (hasso fu tobi, 八そふとび)

Story: Yoshistuneís eight boat leap


Title: Shinto ritual purification (Misogi, みそぎ)




Title: Kanshin (かん信)

Story: Kanshin (Han Sin in Chinese) suffering the humiliation of crawling between the legs of ruffians


Another state of the above design


Title: Gojo Bridge (GojŰ no bashi, 五條のはし)

Story: Yoshitsune and Benkei fighting on GojŰ Bridge


NOTE: The leaf in the right lower corner resembles the posts of GojŰ Bridge


This is another state of the above print with blue substituting for green.There are also some changes in the bridge post.


Title: Ghost (YŻrei, ゆうれい)

Story: The petals are frightened by an ear of corn




Title: Sudden summer shower Yudachi (夕立)



Title: performing all their tricks (gei zukushi, げいづくし)



Title: Firefly hunting (Hotarugari, ほたるがり)



Title: The contest (Sumafu, すまふ)




Another state of the above design

Description: This fan print (uchiwa-e) of cherry petals rehearsing music is clearly related to the above series

Date: c. 1840

Publisher: Ise-ya SŰemon

This is what winter cherry really look like.