Documented Characters from the Chronicle of the

Ups and Downs of the Minamoto and Taira Clans

(Seisuiki jimpin sen, 盛衰記人品箋)

Publisher: Eshima



The Taira and Minamoto clans fought for control of ancient Japan until the Taira Clan was vanquished at the naval Battle of Dan-no-ura, and Minamoto Yoritomo assumed power as shogun in 1192.  This series of prints illustrates incidences from this turbulent period in Japanese history that included the Hogen Rebellion, the Heiji Rebellion and finally the Genpei Wars.  The prints are each about 10 by 7 inches (25 by 18 centimeters), a size known as chūban.



Scene: Three Taira “pages” (Heike no kaburo, 平家の禿童) who were actually youths employed to report any signs of dissidence

Robinson: S15.1




Scene: Hotoke-gozen (仏御前) dressed as a nun and holding prayer beads after her retirement

Robinson: S15.2


Scene: The poetess Matsuyoi no Jijū (待宵侍従), who is also known as Kojijū, seated on a wooden balcony in court dress

Robinson: S15.3


Scene: Katōji Kagekado (加藤次景廉) standing under a pine tree by a stone lantern in full armor holding a naginata

Robinson: S15.4


Scene: Aki no Kami Taira Kiyomori (安芸守平清盛) in hunting dress on Rendai Moor encounters an apparition of the fix-goddess Koki-tennō who foretells his future greatness

Robinson: S15.5


Another state of the above design



Scene: Mongaku Shōnin (文覚上人) beating a cowering noblemen with the book in which he records charitable donations

Robinson: S15.6


Scene: Chohyo e no jo Nobutsura (長兵衛倀連) advancing over several prostrate foe at the fall of the Takakura palace

Robinson: S15.7


Scene: Komatsu Daifu Shigemori-kyō (小松内府重盛卿) standing in black court robes while an attendant tries to catch a snake wriggling out of his sleeve

Robinson: S15.8


Scene: Hosshōji-shungyō Shunkwan (法勝寺執行俊寛) abandoned on the seashore with his boy-servant Ariō Maru

Robinson: S15.9


Scene: Taira no Tadamori Ason (平忠盛朝臣) examining a sword by lamplight and thereby foiling a plot by jealous noblemen to assassinate him

Robinson: S15.10




Scene: Sasaki Shirō Takatsuna (佐々木四郎高綱) commandeering a farmer’s horse in order to go into battle

Robinson: S15.11


Scene: Gen Sammi Yorimasa (源三位頼政) picking up gold coins watched by Kinyoshi-kyō in black court robes

Robinson: S15.12


“Robinson” refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.