Falsehood and Truth Both Sides of the Heart

(Uso to ma go kokoro no ura-omote, 嘘と真言心の裏表)

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

c. 1848

In this series, a beautiful woman (bijin) is shown in the main picture living out a falsehood (), but the truth (事実) in her heart is shown in the inset picture.The series is listed as number 106 in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).The prints are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as Űban.



Truth: My mouth feels dirty because the dog licked it


Lie: Oh, your dog is so well-groomed!I am an absolute pet lover.Look how we got friends right away!Animals can feel if one likes them!

Donít jump that high!Why are you doing this?I am getting sick.You are even licking and nuzzling up my face.Oh well, you are such a cutie, I will forgive you.


Truth: Mother, listen to me!I am coming from Ms. Ofukus home.Her Pekinese was licking my mouth!That was so horrible!Ugh, dirty, dirty!I absolutely hate this Pekinese.I am wondering how Ms. Ofuku can even keep such a hideous creature!

Maid, get me the washtub, quick!I am so dirty, dirty!What a disgusting smell!Even now I can still taste it inside my mouth.I will never go to Ms. Ofukus place again as long as there will be this nasty Pekinese around.I am fed up with its dirty little face, its squashed nose and its suppurating eyes!Ugh, that is so revolting!


Truth: I am having an illicit relationship

Description: Woman in high sandals looking over her shoulder

Inset: Woman wrapped up in robes with a cat in her lap




Another state of the above design


Description: Young woman wearing a furisode (formal kimono for unmarried girls and women) is feeding pigeons

Inset: Woman partially covering her face



Another state of the above design


Description: Woman holding a red dish, a cat cleaning itself behind her

Inset: Standing woman holding an umbrella



Another state of the above design


Description: Woman bent at the waist with her hands on her thighs; cat and household furnishings behind her

Inset: Woman working with cloth on her knees



Truth: I am dog tired

Description: Woman using a tree branch as a walking stick with a sitting dog behind her

Inset: Woman

on her hands and knees



Description: Kneeling woman with her left arm extended and holding a purse in her right hand

Inset: Seated woman eating a meal at a table with her outer robe pulled down to her waist




Description: Standing woman looking down on a tray of fish and lobster with a snarling cat behind her

Inset: Woman on her knees




Description: Woman on her knees holding a koto and reaching for items in front of her

Inset: Woman on her knees


Description: Woman standing and stretching with writing implements behind her

Inset: Seated woman holding a brush