Karine no yume

(Dreams while Napping, 仮寝の夢)




Each page of this three-volume series is approximately 8¾ by 6 1/3 inches or 22 by 16 cm, a size known as hanshi-bon.


Rape scene in a derelict house (or basement), Volume I

A secret encounter in a marsh between a young lady and her masked lover, Volume I

A client with an oiran (prostitute of the highest rank), Volume I

An oiran and a wealthy client, Volume I

Gossip in the brothel quarter, Volume I

Man looking at his own intimate activities, Volume II

Two lovers in a sober room, Volume II

Prostitute holding client’s erect penis, Volume II

Two courtesans stand on the quay of the Yoshiwara, Volume II

A small boat under a bridge on its way to the Yoshiwara, Volume II

An intimate couple is observed by a man behind the shoji screen, Volume III

Man attacking his lover who was with another man in the previous image, Volume III

An old woman making love, Volume III

A scene in a crowded brothel, Volume III

Brothel scene, Volume III

Hallway in a brothel, Volume III

Women behind the latticed windows of a brothel with men passing by, Volume III

A crowded streets in the Yoshiwara, Volume III


NOTE: This print is larger than he others, the top and right side having been folded out.

The left sheet shows some sort of erotic performance, and the right sheet shows two cats copulating, Volume III

Covers of first (), middle (), and last () volumes