Miscellaneous shunga prints


Series: None

Title: Illustrations of All Secret Countries (Ban inkoku no zu)

or Picture of an Honest Man (Maninkoku no zu)

Shagan: 20.31, page 354 (listed as Utagawa Kuniyoshi?)


Date: c. 1823-1826

Size: Double ban, 389 x 516 mm (15 5/16 x 20 5/16 in.)

Publisher: No seal


NOTE: This unsigned print is generally attributed to Kuniyoshi.

Series: None

Title: Raccoon Dog and Foxes at Play (Tanuki to kitsune no asobi, 狸ト狐の遊び)

Description: Raccoon dog and foxes having a picnic on the formers giant scrotum

Date: c. 1842

Publisher: Suruga-ya Sakujir

Series: Beauty of Facial Expression (Hyjybi)

Title: None

Description: Woman in ecstasy

Date: c. 1846

Size: Chban (about 10 by 7 inches or 25 by 18 centimeters)

Publisher: No seal

Series: Aueyama

Shagan: 8.23, page 155

Date: 1831

Size: Hanshi-bon (approximately 8 3/4 x 6 1/3 inches or 22 x 16 cm)

Series: Makura kagami (Erotic mirror, 満具羅鏡)

Shirakura: 90

Date: 1832


Series: Makura kagami (Erotic mirror, 満具羅鏡)

Shirakura: 91

Date: 1832


Series: Kabuto kunki (Kabuto War Chronicles, 兜軍記)

Shirakura: 161

Date: 1844

Size: ban (about 10 by 14 inches or 25 by 36 centimeters)

Series: Fry musha hakke (Eight Fashionable Warriors)

Shagan: 16.52, page 285 (listed as Utagawa Kuniyoshi?)

Date: 1840s

Size: Koban (about 3 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches or 9 by 12 centimeters)


NOTE: This unsigned print has been attributed to Kuniyoshi.

Series: Untitled folding album (orihon)

Date: c. 1850


NOTE: The last page in this folding album of eight pictures is signed with Kuniyoshis pseudonym Hodoyoshi.

Series: Untitled folding album (orihon)

Date: c. 1850

Shirakura refers to page numbers in Japanese Shunga of Kuniyoshi by Yoshihiko Shirakura, 2012, Heibonsha Ltd., Tokyo.

Shagan refers to listing in Japanese Erotic Art by Ofer Shagan, 2013, Thames & Hudson, London.