Modern Fashionable Methods of Training Women in Decorum

(Try onna shorei shitsuke kata, 當流女諸禮躾方)

Publisher: Kawaguchi-ya Uhei

c. 1830


This series is listed as number 2 in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961). The prints are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ban. I am grateful to Ward Pieters for assisting with this series.



How to Look at Something (Mono o mi y, 物の見よう)


How to Accept a Cup of Sak (Sakazuki itadaku tei, さけずきいただくてい)


How to Put on a Kosode (small sleeve robe) (小袖きがへ様, Kosode kigae y)


How to Board a Boat (Funanori y)


Another state of the above print


How to Hold Fish with Chopsticks (Sakana hasamu tei, 肴はさむてい)




How to Greet an Acquaintance on the Street (Tri aisatsu no shi y, とおりあいさつの仕やう)


Another state of the above design courtesy of Marc DeVriese


How to Greet a Guest (Kyakujin e aisatsu no shi y, きゃくじんへあいさつの仕やう)


How to Meet Guests


How to Go In and Out of shji Doors (Shji no ideiri no shi y)


How to Fold a Jacket (はおりた みやう, Haori tatami y)