Nazorae Suikoden

(擬え水滸傳, An Imitation of the Suikoden)

c. 1830


The Suikoden (Shuihu zhuan in Chinese) is a semi-historical Chinese novel that tells of the adventures of a band of 108 rebels, who sought refuge in the margins of Liangshan Marsh.  These rebel warriors protected the poor and downtrodden, very much like Robin Hood’s band.  In this series, erotic scenes are paired with inset images of Suikoden heroes.  The prints in this series are each about 3.5 by 5 inches (9 by 13 centimeters), a size known as kôban.


Suikoden hero: Chôkanko Chintatsu (陳達)


NOTE: Although shunga is generally unsigned, artists sometimes inserted hidden signatures.  Kuniyoshi’s kiri seal, a stylized paulownia flower, appears in the background of the right upper quadrant of this print.

Suikoden hero: Rôrihakuchô Chôjun (張順)

Suikoden hero: Kyûmonryû Shishin

Suikoden hero: Boyasha Sonjirô (孫二娘)

Suikoden hero: Shôsempû Saishin (柴進)


Suikoden hero: Nyûunryû Kôsonshô (公孫勝)


Suikoden hero: Katsuenra Genshôshichi (阮小七)


Suikoden hero: The priest Kaoshô Rochishin (魯智深)


Suikoden hero: Daitô Kanshô (關勝)


Suikoden hero: Chitasei Goyô (呉用)


Suikoden hero: