Polyptychs of miscellaneous subjects of four or more sheets


Description: Boys parading on the shore at sunset

Date: c. 1840

Publisher: Izumi-ya Ichibeiá

Title: None

Description: The Sanno Matsuri paradeá

Date: Probably 1844 (censor Tanaka)

Publishers: Nuno-Kichi (seal name 布吉) and Murata-ya Tetsu (seal name 村鉄)


NOTE: Each sheet is about 10 by 7 inches (25 by 18 centimeters), a size known as chűban.á I am grateful to Robert Pryor for this image.

Warriors from left: Yamagata Saburohei Masakage (山縣三郎兵衛昌景), Takeda Sama-no-suke Nobushige (武田佐馬介源信繁), Takeda Hossh˘-in Harunobu Nyűd˘ Shingen (武田晴信入道信玄), Yamamoto Kansuke Haruyuki Nyűd˘ D˘kisai (山本勘助入道道鬼蔡晴幸), and Kosaka Danj˘-no- Masanobu (高坂 弾正定 昌信)

Publisher: Ebisu-ya Sh˘shichi

Date: c. 1845


NOTE: Each panel represents a seated champion on the Takeda side in the Kawanakajima campaign with biographical text above by Sh˘tei Kinsui.  The top of each print is shaded off with Takeda mon reserved.  Three of these panels are listed as S95f.5 in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982).  I am grateful to Robert Pryor for this image.

Panels from another state of the above polyptych without the green ground, also published by Ebisu-ya Sh˘shichi

Another state of the preceding polyptych with purple shading on top published by Miyakozawa (seal name T˘zawa都沢)