Series of Beautiful Women of the Green Houses

(Seirô bijin zoroe, 青楼美人揃)

Publisher: Kawaguchi-ya Chôzô

c. 1833-1838


“Green houses” is an elegant term for brothels.  The prints in this series are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ôban.  The series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson, 1961, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  I am grateful to Robert Pryor for assisting with this section.




Title: Chôdayû of the Okamotoya (Okamotoya uchi Chôdayû, 青楼美人揃 岡本屋内 長太夫)



Title: Shin Yoshiwara Edo-chô Ni-chôme Kukirô uchi Kumoi Kinji, Kumoi (雲井), and kamuro Kinji (きんじ) of Kukiroya






Title: Katsuto or Masato of the Okamotoya (Okamotoya uchi Katsuto or Masato, 岡本屋内 勝人)


NOTE: This print was clearly printed from the same woodblocks as the preceding print, and has the same title (青楼美人揃).

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Title: Toyooka of the Okamotoya and kamuro Tamino and Miyono (Okamotoya uchi Toyooka Tamino Miyono, 岡本屋内 豊岡 たみの みよの)



Another state of the above design


Title: Katsuyama of the Okamotoya (Okamotoya uchi Katsuyama, 岡本屋内 勝山)


NOTE: This print has the same title (青楼美人揃), and the same general layout as the above series.