Publisher: Echizen-ya áHeizabur˘

c. 1842


Tengu are forest-dwelling creatures that are usually portrayed either as human-like with wings and long noses or bird-like.á In this series of comic prints the tengu appear human, except for their long noses.á The series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).á The images are each about 7 by 10 inches (18 by 25 centimeters), a size known as chűban.á Two images were printed on a sheet of paper about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ˘ban.á I am grateful to Robert Pryor for his contributions to this section.



Title: Crazy Picture of the Blessing of the Gods for the Tengu (Ky˘ga tengu no gorish˘, 狂画 天狗のごり生)


NOTE: Gorish˘ was a Ĺperformanceĺ, basically a begging mechanism, where an Inari fox mask on an expandable tube was stretched out through an image of a shrine entranceĺs torii gate.á The word gorish˘ is a pun, means both a blessing or the male genitals.


Title: Crazy Picture of Tengu Fish-porters (Ky˘ga tengu no karuko, 狂画 天狗のかるこ)


Title: Tengu in a sudden summer storm (Tengu no yűdachi, 天狗の夕立)


Title: Tengu with Big Noses Visiting a Shrine (Tengu with lanterns (Tengu no hanakamairi, 天狗のはなかまいり)


NOTE: This image is based on a pun on hadakamairi (裸参 ) meaning naked shrine visit.


Title: Tengu on the Road at Night (Yorumichi tengu, 夜道天狗)


Title: Tengu Coming and Going on the Street (Tengu no ˘rai, 天狗のおふらい)

Description: A woman with a hozuki ring, a boy with sake bottles, and a blind masseur using his nose as a cane


Another state of the above design


Title: Tengu Warrior with a War Club Nose (Tengu musha hanatekob˘, 天狗武者はなてこぼう)


NOTE: The tengu with a war club nose strongly resembles the warrior Benkei.


Title: Tengu Fishing (Tengu no tsurishi, 天狗のつりし)


Title: Tengu Practicing Asceticism (Tengu no shugy˘sha, 天狗の修行者)

Description: A tengu komus˘ monk wearing a tengai and playing his nose as a shakuhachi, a tengu monk with a mokugyo woodblock, and a monk with a kasa, gong and bucket. The tengu woman to the rear is using her nose propped on a monkĺs shakuj˘ as a line for drying a yukata and gourd strips.


Title: Tengu in a Bathhouse (Tengu no sent˘, 天狗の銭湯)