Tsukushi matsu fuji no shigarami

(The Matsu Fuji Weir in Kysh, 筑紫松藤柵)



This three volume set includes famous scenes from kabuki plays and erotic images of the actors. All woodblock printed pictures from the set are reproduced below.

Volume 1, pages 4-5

This shows several scenes from kabuki plays without frank eroticism. However, pages 4 and 5 have flaps that may be lifted to reveal shunga. The 4 following illustrations with different flaps raised.

Volume 1, pages 8-9

Volume 1, pages 14-15

Volume 1, pages 22-23

Another state of the above design with different colors and a blank cartouche

Volume 1, covers

Volume 2, pages 6-7

Volume 2, pages 18-19

Volume 2, covers

Volume 3, pages 4-5 without the flap lifted

Two women and an actor playing sugoroku

Volume 3, pages 4-5 with the flap lifted

Volume 3, pages 12-13

Volume 3, pages 20-21

Volume 3, pages 26-27

Volume 3, covers

Volume unknown

Volume unknown