Thirty-six Views of Fuji from the Eastern Capital

(Tto Fuji-mi san-j-rokkei, 東都富士見三十六景)

Publisher: Murata-ya Jirbei

c. 1843


Tokyo (then called Edo) was the Eastern Capital, where the shogun lived. The emperor lived in Kyoto, the Western Capital. In spite of the series title, only these five designs are known. This series is listed as number 9 in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961). The prints are each about 10 by 14 inches (25 by 36 centimeters), a size known as ban.


Distant view from Shhe Slope (昌平坂 遠景)

Schaap: 21.1

Mount Fuji off the coast of Tsukuda Island (Tsukuda oki kaisei no Fuji)

Schaap: 21.2

View from beneath the Shin hashi Bridge (Shin hashi kyka no chb, 新大はし橋下の眺望)

Schaap: 21.3


The poem above the boat translates:

With the lifting of the bamboo shade of the boat

as it passes between the piers of the bridge,

there comes into view the fair Fuji brow

which I longed to see.

Mount Fuji with melting snow during the Sann Festival

Schaap: 21.4

Mount Fuji in the evening as seen from the embankment of the Sumida River (Sumida tsuzumi no y Fuji, 隅田堤の夕富士)

Schaap: 21.5


Schaap refers to listing in Heroes and Ghosts: Japanese Prints by Kuniyoshi by Robert Schaap (Hotei Publishing, Leiden, 1998).