Twenty-four Generals of Eastern Kai Province, One by One

(K˘y˘ nijűshi sh˘ no hitori, 甲陽二十四將之一個)

Publisher: Yamaguchi-ya T˘bei



Takeda Shingen of Kai Province conquered Shinano Province in 1547, expelling Murakami Yoshiharu and Ogasawara Nagatoki, who turned to Uyesugi Kenshin of Echigo Province for help.á A series of battles between the forces of Takeda Shingen and the forces of Uyesugi Kenshin were fought on the plain of Kawanakajima in the northern Shinano Province near the modern-day city of Nagano.á The five major battles took place in 1553, 1555, 1557, 1561 and 1564.á Although the number of prints in this series is unknown, the Kai generals were Hossh˘-in Shingen Daik˘ji, Akiyama H˘ki no Kami, Amari Sayemon, Anayama Baisetsu, Baba Mino no Kami, Hara Hayato-no-sh˘, Hara Mino no Kami, Kosaka Danj˘, Morozumi Bungo no Kami, Mut˘ Kihei, Nait˘ Shuri-no-suke, Obata Kadzusa no Kami, Obata Yamashiro Nyűd˘, Oyamada Hy˘bu-no-j˘, Saigusa Kageyu, Sanada Genda Sayemon, Sanada Hy˘bu-no-j˘, Sone Shimotsuke, Tada Awaji no Kami, Takeda Shir˘ Katsuyori, Takeda Sh˘y˘ken, Tsuchiya Uyemon, Yamagata Saburohei, Yamamoto Kansuke Nyűd˘ and Yokota Bitchű no Kami.á


Each of these prints shows a general in front of a large jinmaku (陣幕, military camp curtain) bearing the four diamond Takeda bishi mon). áThis series was printed, in whole or in part, at least three times.á I believe that the prints with red and blue cartouches belong to the first edition.á The prints in this series are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ˘ban.á Most of the prints bear the seal of the carver Hori Take (彫竹).á I am indebted to Robert Pryor for his contributions to this section.



General: Takeda Daizendayű Harunobu Nyűd˘ Shingen (武田大膳大夫晴信入道信玄) seated in voluminous robes and a helmet decorated with demonĺs horns and a white maneá

Robinson: S82.1


Another state of the above print with differently colored cartouches and lacking Kuniyoshiĺs kiri seal


General: Takeda Sama-no-suke Nobushige (武田佐馬之介信繁) seated wearing a court cap and adjusting his armor

Robinson: S82.2


Another state with a brown jinbaori (surcoat)



An additional state


General: Yamamoto Kansuke Haruyuki (山本勘介晴幸) on one knee with his face in profile

Robinson: S82.3



Another state with a simplified banner


The colors on this state suggest a late printing


General: Yamagata Saburohei Masakage (山縣三郎兵衛昌景) adjusting his gauntlet (armored glove) with his spear resting in a hook on his belt

Robinson: S82.4


Another state


General: Nait˘ Shuri Masatoyo (内藤修理昌豊) kneeling with his helmet in front of him, adjusting his amour at the shoulder

Robinson: S82.5



General: Hara Hayato Masakatsu (原隼人昌勝) tightening his back-strap

Robinson: S82.6


Another state with a simplified hakama, under the armor


Another state


General: A back view of Oyamada Bitchű no Kami Masatatsu (小山田備t中守昌辰) in full armor grasping his spear

Robinson: S82.7



Another state


Another state of the above design with a blue flag


General: Imafuku Zenkur˘ Katsutada (今福善九郎伊尹) tying on his face-guard (memp˘)

Robinson: S82.8


Faded, but still another state


Another state of the above design.á Note that Kuniyoshiĺs kiri seal was crudely removed.



General: Kosaka Danj˘-no-j˘ Masanobu (高坂弾正忠昌信)

Robinson: Unlisted



Another state with a simplified jinbaori (surcoat)



General: Anayama Idzu no Kami Nobuyoshi (穴山伊豆守良信)

Robinson: Unlisted



Another state of the above design


Another state with Kuniyoshiĺs kiri seal crudely removed


ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.