Untitled series of views of ‘yama

Publisher: Wakasa-ya Yoichi

c. 1840


The Afuri (ShintŰ) Shrine is located at ‘yama in Segami Province.Pilgrims descend on the shrine every summer and bathe in the water of the RŰben Waterfall as part of the purification ritual.This series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).The prints are each about 10 by 14 inches (25 by 36 centimeters), a size known as Űban.


The Tamura Ferry Carrying Pilgrims to ‘yama in Segami Province (SŰshŻ ‘yama-do Tamurawatashi no zu, 相洲大山道田村渡の景)

This state of the above design bears the seal of the publisher Iba-ya SensaburŰ next to Kuniyoshiís signature, in the right lower corner.

View of the RŰben Waterfall at Mount ‘yama

(‘yama RŰben taki no kei)

Great Falls of Sekison at ‘yama

(‘yama sekison Űtaki no zu, 大山石尊大瀧之圖)

Another state of the above design with the mountains printed in black and grey and with a black publisherís seal in the right lower corner

Although not part of the above series, these two triptychs of Kuniyoshiís also portray pilgrims bathing at the RŰben Waterfall in ‘yama

Title: Pilgrims at RŰben Waterfall at ‘yama (‘yama Roben taki)

Description: Pilgrims bathing in pool beneath RŰben Waterfall at Mount Oyama

Date: 1849

Publisher: No seal

Title: Pilgrims at the RŰben Waterfall of the Stone Image in ‘yama (‘yama Sekison RŰben-taki no zu, 大山石尊良辧瀧之図)

Publisher: Azuma-ya Daisuke

Date: c. 1818-1819


I am grateful to Robert Pryor for this image.