Untitled set of the six Crystal Rivers

Publisher: Sano-ya Kihei



The Crystal Rivers are also known as the Jewel Rivers and the Tama Rivers. This series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961). Each panel is about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ban.

Title: The Ide Crystal River in Yamashiro Province (Yamashiro no kuni Ide no Tamagawa, 山城国井出の玉川)

Description: Women wading


Note: This river is also known as the Hagi

Title: The Ti Crystal River in Settsu Province (Settsu no kuni Ti no Tamagawa, 摂津国檮衣の玉川)

Description: Women fulling (removing creases from) cloth


Note: This river is also known as the Mishima and as the Kinuta

Another state of the above design with a solid blue sky

Title:The Lespedeza Crystal River in mi Province (mi no kuni Hagi no Tamagawa)

Description: Three women by flowering lespedeza bushes


Note: This river is more commonly called the Noji

Another state of the above design

Title: The Kya Crystal River in Kii Province (Kii no kuni Kya no Tamagawa, 紀伊国高野玉川)

Description: Three women by a river

Another state of the above triptych

Title: The Chfu Crystal River in Musashi Province (Musashi no kuni Chfu Tamagawa, 武蔵国,調布の玉川)

Description: Women washing clothes

Another state of the above triptych. Note that the woman in the center is now wearing a striped kimono and the colors in the cartouche have changed.

Title: The Plover (Chidori) Crystal River in Mutsu Province (Mutsu no kuni Chidori no Tamagawa, 陸奥国千鳥のたま河)

Description: Three beauties collecting brine for salt with two more on the salt flats behind (right) and a flock of plovers in formation above


Note: This river is also called the Noda