Warrior triptychs




Title: Koromo no Toji ga musume nite Wataru ga tsuma etc.

Description: End˘ Musha Morit˘ (center) approaching Kesa-gozen over the roof with a drawn sword; in the background (left) a servant about to adjust the sandal of Watanabe Wataru, her husband

Publisher: Murata-ya Ichibei

Date: 1844

Robinson: T129

I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this alternate state of the above design.á Note the color of the hanging lantern in the right sheet.

Title: Gompachi wa Inshű no kin nari etc.

Description: Shirai Gompachi fighting off a gang of ruffians on the shore, one of whom he has thrown into a fire, watched by Banzui Ch˘bei (幡随長兵衛)

Publisher: Ise-ya Kisuke

Date: 1844

Robinson: T130


NOTE: Shirai Gompachi and Banzui Ch˘bei bear striking resemblances to kabuki actors Ichimura Uzaemon XII and Ichikawa Danjűr˘ VIII, respectively.á

Another state of the above triptych with the seal of the publisher Hayashi-ya Sh˘gor˘

Title: Hikosan ada-uchi no zu

Description: Ky˘goku Takumi engaged by O-Sono and O-Sada, daughter and widow respectively of Yoshioka Ichimisai, watched by Keyamura Rokusuke and a nobleman with his retainers

Publisher: Yamaguchi-ya T˘bei

Date: 1844

Robinson: T131

Title: Untitled

Description: The Soga brothers standing over the sleeping Kud˘ Suketsune in 1193 with Tegoshi no Sh˘sh˘ on the rightá

Publisher: Chita-ya

Date: 1844

Robinson: T132

Title: Yoshitsune ichidaiki no uchi: Minamoto no Yoshitsune-k˘ Yoshino-yama no naka ni (義経一代記之内 源義経公よし野山中ひょうはく奥州落乃図)

Description: Yoshitsune, his wife Kita-no-kata (Ky˘-no-kimi) and Benkei in the snows of

Mount Yoshino in 1186

Publisher: Sen

Date: 1844

Robinson: T133

Title: Heike no ichimon horobite h˘ken wa saikai ni etc.

Description: Yoshitsune, Benkei and Yoshimori listening to the report of two ama (female divers), mother and daughter, named Oimatsu and Wakamatsu, who had tried to recover the sacred sword of the regalia from the sea-bottom after the battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185

Publisher: Tsujioka-ya Bunsuke

Date: 1844

Robinson: T134

I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this alternate state of the above design.

Title: Horikawa yo-uchi: Tosa-b˘ Sh˘shun toyose no zu

Description: Benkei, Shizuka-gozen, and Yoshitsune preparing to meet the attack of Tosa-b˘ Sh˘shun on the Horikawa palace on November 10, 1185

Publisher: Iba-ya Kyűbei

Date: 1844

Robinson: T135

Title: Takeda Shingen Uesugi Kenshin to go-gwatsu jűgo-nichi ry˘sh˘ etc.

Description: Kenshin and Shingen face each other across the river to discuss peace terms during the Kawanakajima Campaign (1553-1563)

Publisher: Sano-ya Kihei

Date: 1844

Robinson: T136

I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this alternate state of the above design.

Title: Rokusuke wa Buzen no kuni Hikosan no fumoto Keyamura no domin etc.

Description: O-Sono fighting her fatherĺs murderer, Ky˘goku Takumi, by a river with Keyamura Rokusuke coming to her assistance

Publisher: Fujioka-ya Keijir˘

Date: 1844

Robinson: T137

Title: S˘ma no furu-dairi ni Masakado no himegimi Takiyasha yojutsu o motte mikata o atsumuru (年不明_相馬の古内裏 妖怪がしゃどくろと戦う大宅太郎光圀)

Description: The witch Takiyasha, daughter of Taira no Masakado, calling up a monstrous skeleton-specter to frighten Mitsukuni

Publisher: Yahata-ya Sakujir˘ (called ôHachiö by Robinson)

Date: 1844

Robinson: T138


I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this image.

Title: Taira no Kiyomori-k˘ wa sono sembushin yori idete (太政入道浄海の図)

Description: The dying Kiyomori in his last feverish sickness surrounded by Taira nobles and ladies on March 20, 1181

Publisher: Sugi-ya Seibei

Date: 1844

Robinson: T139


I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this image.

Title: Tametomo wa Seiwa-tei hasse no son (Tametomo Shoots an Enemy Ship with an Arrow, 鎮西八郎為朝伊豆の大島にて討手の兵船を射る)

Description: Tametomo (left) sinking the foremost ship of Mochimitsuĺs fleet with a single arrow; his mistress Sasarae and his henchman Oniyasha, armed with a naginata and an iron club respectively with the rough islanders look on in admiration

Publisher: Horino-ya Tasuke (Robinson read the publisherĺs seal as ôďmi-ya Sukeůö

Date: 1844 (censor Hama Yahei)

Robinson: T140


NOTE: Another edition with a different publisherĺs seal and different text is listed as T113 in Robinson.á It is not clear which is the earlier printing.

I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this alternate state of the above design.

This is a copy of the above triptych made by Ichiyűsai Kunitoshi in 1883 with the title Tametomo ky˘kyű no zu.

Title: Somoku honch˘ sumai no okori-hara wa etc.

Description: Kawazu Sabur˘ Sukeyasu and Matano Gor˘ Kagehisa wrestling before Yoritomo, umpired by Sanada Yoichi Yoshitada in 1170

Publisher: Ebisu-ya Shoshichi (Robinson identifies the publisher as To-Sawa)

Date: 1844

Robinson: T141


I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this image.

Title: Nitta Sachűj˘ Yoshisada Kamakura etc. (The Battle between Nitta Yoshisada and Taira no Takatoki, 新田義貞 鎌倉極楽寺切通)

Description: Nitta Yoshisada throwing his sword into the sea as an offering to the sea-gods to enable him to attack the H˘j˘ in Kamakura in 1333

Publisher: Ezaki-ya Tatsuz˘

Date: 1844

Robinson: T142


I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this image.

Title: Kennin san-nen Minamoto no Yori-ie-ky˘á Fuji-no mi-kari no etc. (Nitta Shiro Tadatsune Encounters the Avatar of Mt. Fuji, 仁田四郎忠常 富士権現に遇ふ図)

Description: Nitta Tadatsune encountered the goddess of Mount Fuji and her dragon in a cave in the mountain, in which are stalactites and a waterfall in 1203

Publisher: Tsuji-ya Yasubei

Date: 1844

Robinson: T143


I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this image.

Title: Dan-no-ura tatakai no zu (壇浦戦之圖, Battle of Dannoura)

Description: After his defeat in the Battle of Dan-no-ura, (April 25, 1185) Tomomori tied himself to a great anchor and cast himself into the sea.á Here he is flanked by his retainer Sagami Gor˘ and his mistress Tenji-no-tsubone.

Publisher: Koga-ya Katsugor˘

Date: 1844

Robinson: T144


I am grateful to Marc DeVriese for this image.

Another state of the above design with a red title cartouche, courtesy of Marc DeVriese.

ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.